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Motaquote Welsh League Division One
10/12/03: Ton Pentre 3 - 0 Cardiff Corries

WITH the sending off of Ton Pentre captain, Andrew Hughes, early in the second half, it did not deter the Rhondda Bulldogs from collecting all three points at Ynys Park against Cardiff Corries.

Two of the Rhondda Bulldogs goals came in the second half to complete the 3-0 win with Carl Thomas playing exceptionally well up front on his own after the sending off. Dean Morris' commanding performance in the middle of the pitch must also be praised as his spirit was echoed throughout the team.

Although Corries started brightly in the opening five minutes it wasn't enough to stop the Bulldogs taking the lead through what was a strange goal.

When Kerry Harding sent a lovely cross into the box, Alyn Jones missed by the smallest of margins to connect with his head. His presence though was enough to outwit Tom Dickerson in the Corries goal as he was positioned to save Jones' header. Harding's cross, having missed both players, found its way into the net for the lead.

When Mark Hennesey handled the ball a few yards outside the Corries box, Ton were awarded a freekick in an excellent position. An excellent ball was sent into the box but goalkeeping theatrics from Dickerson saw the player punch the ball out of the box. The goalie was called upon once again when Dean Morris fired a shot at him. Dickerson pulled off another fine save by palming the ball out for a corner.

Within the first six minutes of the second half Hughes was booked twice for Ton. Referee Gary Polkey showed no hesitation in producing the second yellow card for the Ton captain much to the grievance of the home fans.

Ton manager Kevin Richards immediately made a tactical substitution replacing Jones for Jamie Michaels, who slotted into the midfield. Meanwhile Corries brought forward James Loveday on to bolster their attack.

That move seemed futile as Ton went further into the lead through Lee Tapper.

After Thomas had played the ball through to Michaels he was able to run into the Corries box where he looked up and saw Tapper in support. The great move was completed when he squared the ball to Tapper who scored his second goal of the season.

The home side had many more chances to increase the lead, as Corries looked dumfounded by not being able to break down a team with just ten men on the pitch.

Sure enough the scoreline was increased when Harding was given the space to shoot from well outside the Corries box with a screamer of a goal fifteen minutes from full time.

Ton Pentre now only have three games left in 2003 with Maesteg Park away on Saturday December 13, Garw home on December 20 and a trip to UWIC Inter Cardiff on December 27.

Ton Pentre: John Howe; Lee Tapper; Neil Davies; Mike Jones; Jason Roberts; Andrew Hughes; Kerry Harding (Ian Shepherd, 79mins); Dean Morris; Carl Thomas (Richard Haig, 82mins); Alyn Jones (Jamie Michaels, 54mins); Mark Evans.

Match Report by Robert Dowling.


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