CPD Ton Pentre AFC

09/08/03: Garden Village 1 - 5 Ton Pentre

GARDEN VILLAGE welcomed Ton Pentre to Stafford Common for a pre- season match played in extreme heat.

It only took Ton Pentre one minute to score when Tom Billings hit the back of the net to finish off an attractive attack started by John Howells.

With Ton Pentre stretching the home sides defence it wasn't long until the Rhondda Bulldogs scored again.

Lee Tapper and Howells linked well providing Alyn Jones with the opportunity to hit the back of the net.

The same player scored again on the half-hour when the Garden Village goalkeeper scuffed his kick out of his area. The ball fell straight to Jones' feet who easily put Ton into a 3-0 lead.

Seven minutes from half time Garden Village pulled a goal back through Richard Thomas who latched onto a loose ball in the Ton box.

Moment's later Ton increased their advantage with a further goal from Kerry Harding after receiving the ball from the left wing.

The heat spoiled the second half with both sides making tired mistakes.

Ton remained in control of the half though with Garden Village producing very little.

The final goal of the game came within the last ten minutes when David Hazell for Ton Pentre pressured the Garden Village defence into a goal line confusion that eventually saw the ball cross line.

Ton Pentre will welcome this 5-1 win after two consecutive defeats against Aberystwyth and Afan Lido.

Ton Pentre: Jon Howe (Richard Johnson, 45mins); John Howells (Neil Jones, 45mins); Shaun Fackrell; Dean Morris; Mike Jones; Lee Tapper; Craig Morgan; Kerry Harding (Kevin Richards, 67mins); Alyn Jones (Richard Haig, 45mins); Tom Billings (David Hazell, 45mins); Neil Davies


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